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Autor Téma: Další knihy?!  (Přečteno 3064 krát)
Mafio Ball
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« kdy: 13.01.2012, 13:03:28 »

Něco málo ohledně budoucích knih z weberfóra

1. Od jednoho z čtenářů: My memory is foggy, but I do remember two points. The first was that several of the State Sec characters he introduced in Fanatic (the short story) would be taking a more prominent role (the ones on the ship with him, IIRC), and second, that Victor and Anton decide that they need to go back to Mesa, and this time they take Thandi Palani with them.

2. Od DW v reakci na spekulace: Official answer: Dunno.

The next solo book is completed. Eric is currently working on his part of the next collaborative book, however, and it covers much of the same time period but in a different area of operations. The areas of operations of the two books converge however, in both space and time, and until we see exactly how the collaboration comes out (and, especially, ends), we don't know whether it or the next solo needs to be released first.

Soon as Eric and I get finished with that project, we'll be able to give you a schedule. I could well be wrong, but my guess right now is that the soonest we'll be looking at another Honorverse novel would be sometime around the end of the year, though. Sorry!

On the other hand, 2013 is going to be Honor's 20th birthday year, and you should be seeing a lot of stuff that year. And Joelle Presby has finished what I think is a very, very good piece about young women in the GSN which will be appearing on the Baen site Sometime Real Soon Now. I highly recommend it!
3. Další spekulace a reakce DW: I believe that the Shadow of Freedom material was NOT the second half of a book that was shortened to make ART and SoF. SoF was (more 'I believes' here) mostly embedded in the story and parallel to ART, not a chopped off ending. Note that Henke, in the snippet, is planning deployments based on pre-Manticore/Haven peace treaty knowledge. SoF begins before MoH ended (something DW also did in Storm From the Shadows) and then goes along in parallel with a more or less separate story line, of which we have no idea since it was never mentioned in ART. Likely it ends later in time than ART did, but as usual, inquiring minds wanting to know, are frustrated. Foo!

That's actually a pretty accurate analysis. SoF does, indeed, overlap ART in time but not in space. I won't say that they end at exactly the same time, but it's very close, which is one reason Eric and I need to see how the collaboration comes out before we can decide which book needs to release next. There's, ah, lots going on in the Honorverse these days, and getting everything to line up perfectly is, frankly, not possible. What happened here is that I had originally planned to pursue both the Talbott and the "home front" story lines in the same book but that there was simply too much story to put between a single set of covers. So I stripped out the effectively simultaneous TQ/Mike Henke storyline for the second book. I think both ART and SoF stand pretty much on their own, but you'll need both to really keep tabs on everything that's going on.

3. A DW ftipkuje: Hey, it's a big, messy situation with lots of stuff going on! Not my fault those Mesan meglomaniacs went and started all this! I told 'em it was a bad idea. "Honor's gonna hurt you," I told 'em. "And you won't liiiiike it when she's done with you!" But did they listen? No, of course they didn't listen! The silly schemers haven't been listening for the last four hundred years! "Spend the money on propaganda," I told 'em. "If you're so smart, then educate the rest of the galaxy to agree with you!" But did they listen? Of course they didn't listen! They never listen. I tell you, sometimes they make me think in terms of an Eridani violation. . . . [G]


"Nesmírně se vám omlouvám, kapitáne," přerušila ho Honor tím nejkonejšivějším tónem. "Obávám se, že jsem se nedívala kam letím."
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« Odpověď #1 kdy: 13.01.2012, 13:40:29 »

Moc hezký. Díky za info.
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