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Název: Výzva Mistra z DW-fóra
Přispěvatel: Mafio Ball 26.11.2011, 12:10:14
Je to tam už nějakou dobu ale dávám to sem teprve včil.
Asi by bylo pěkné aby to někdo přeložil.
Já na to nemám.

 Okay, here's something new for you guys to spend some time on.

We're working on the Honorverse Companion, to be released in 2013 for Honor's twentieth birthday. It's going to give a lot of background on the "nuts and bolts" of the Honorverse. Information on the major star nations, their governments, their militaries, etc. One of the sections we are considering including would be a section on frequently asked questions about the Honorverse, and we are [shudder] soliciting suggestions. This is not a license to run wild, and obviously we're not going to be able to answer all of them. What we have in mind is for you to think about the questions and then send them to faq@bunine.org, where they will be compiled and sorted. We'd appreciate it if you asked good questions, not bad questions or non-questions, and I append a couple of examples of each of those categories at the bottom of this post as guidelines. The FAQs which make the final cut and end up in the Companion will be selected on the basis of several criteria.

Criteria in favor of selection:

(1) How frequently was that question asked?

(2) How concisely can that question be answered?

(3) Did that particular question strike me as especially interesting, even though relatively few people asked it?

Criteria not in favor of selection:

(1) Will answering that question constitute a "spoiler" for something I'm planning to do later in the series?

(2) Will answering that question get into territory which I have deliberately not nailed down in my own tech bible at this time?

There will, of course, the additional, purely subjective criteria, but these are the primary ones.

Please be as concise as you can in asking the question, and bear in mind that someone is going to have to sort through all of these, so please don't give us an SD(P) missile salvo of them in a single response. Because of production deadlines and the need for there to be enough time for me to actually answer the selected FAQs, the cutoff for submission will be January 1, 2012.

This is your chance to get the answers to (at least some) of your targeted questions . . . as long as they're good questions. [G] Please go ahead and weigh in — in moderation, of course! — and I'll really appreciate your help in the form of thoughtful, reasonable queries.

And now for those examples:

Example Good Questions:
What are the other sentient alien races in the Honorverse and how do they relate to humanity?
Who was Ellen D’Orville and why did she make such a lasting imprint on the RMN?

Example Bad Questions/Non-Questions:
How many countermissiles does a Flight III Saganami-class Heavy Cruiser carry in its forward magazines?
How about LACs with telepathically-linked Treecat-crews and spinal mount grav lances and platoons of battle armored Medusan Nomad marines for boarding parties? Wouldn’t that be awesome?